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South West Asia region includes: For the maintenance of these vehicles and cars a workshop is present in the factory where many competent mechanics were employed to assure the proper maintenance and working of these vehicles.

Actually they are operated their business through joint venture, now they decided for acquisition. He is a competent person in the field of marketing but now he has left the organization and joined a research organization as a manager of whole Gulf countries and now the position of Sales and Marketing Manager is still to be occupied by someone else.

Cash RoomCash Room is like a bank. He was also having a sufficient record of each employee of his department. The in charge of that store is directly reporting to Accounts Manager.

Coca Cola Internship Report

The working environment at plant was absolutely different from that of Head Office. Finally I filed all the vouchers. Basically for sales purposes the whole territory of Multan region and other regions is divided into many small parts and for each part we have a separate distributor i.

These bottlers tend to be large and geographically diverse, with strong financial resources for long-term investment and strong management resources. The Coca-Cola system has more than 16 million customers around the world that sell or serve their products directly to consumers. For better control, world is divided into various regions.

And cash room is also responsible for the collection of cash from distributors for their purchases. Information is usually related about; Stock at Distributor. CCBPL has up to date technology in its production. I applied for internship three months before because all the multinational companies start recruiting internees much earlier.

Caustic 1 to 1. Handling payables against purchases of raw material, store and spares and services. There are three types of stores in Coca-Cola.

My Internship Report

Init was operating more on cash than now. They are managing the distribution of the products through a well-defined channel of distributors.

If MDOs are not sent, distributors will be in better position to blackmail the company and it may damage the profitability and market standings of the company.

Volume grew 4 percent to After this some light men inspect all the bottles. That department is consists of only 5 employees one is MIS Manager and remaining four are his assistants. This means that it is earn from its sales as per dollar than it did in previous year.

Chowk we have Niazi Traders as distributors.

The interest charged by the bank on these funds was on daily basis, so it was needed to be calculated on daily basis that how much the CCBPL is being charged and finally at the month end it was matched with bank figures. Better workforce is strength of the company. Bodla, Makhdoom Rasheed, Muzaffar Garh etc.

A lower return on equity means that the company is now less capable of generating cash internally. And now currently the company has offered two new products in this market, Sprite 3G and Fanta Citrus. © The Coca-Cola Company, all rights reserved. Privacy | Terms of Use | Terms of Use.

As mentioned in the organ gram of the CCBPL, Multan Plant Mr. Aamir Ahmad Jan was the Head of the department during my internship program. He is a competent person in the field of Accounting.

As mentioned in the organ gram of Marketing Department it is basically a. I got approval from all the three but find CCBPL as the best option for internship and so started my internship there on July 9,although after completing my internship there I also had my second internship in Bank Alfalah Islamic âRegional Office, Lahoreâ.

Coca Cola Internship Report Organizational Structure Following table shows different Departments in CCBPL along with their respective functions Department Function Accounts Department To prepare monthly, quarterly and annually Accounts, Costing, Budgeting & Forecasting.

Internship Report of PEPSI COLA MULTAN. project on Coca Cola in Pakistan. My Activities at CCBPL, Multan Plant Documents Similar To internship report on Coca Cola Beverages.

Coca Cola Internship Report. Uploaded by. asif_iqbal Final Project of Coke. Uploaded by. Mrityunjay Rai.4/4(4).

The CCBPL plants are in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Rahimyar Khan, Multan and Sialkot. The remaining two plants, independently owned, are in Rawalpindi and Peshawar. The Coca-Cola in Pakistan serves overcustomer’s retail outlets.

Internship report on ccbpl multan
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