Han roman technology dbq

This Rubric category has changed since this DBQ was administered. How do social studies I really need help I'm stuck and can't figure it out. Higher quality writing is more effectively demonstrated in sophisticated analysis POV and Groupingnot in mere summarization.

The worse accusation was that of trying to be…come a king.

Dbq Han and Roman Technology

Doc 1, 2, 6, and 8 are all upper-class written. Thesis 1 pointThe thesis must include both Han and Roman attitudes toward technology with correct qualification of each empire.

Group documents based on content and different points of view. All craftsmen spend their time in vulgar occupations; no workshop can have anything enlightening about it.

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The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire

January us history regents answers simple argument essay topics revision essay free essays on literature review schorlarship essays. In document 2, it talks about the tools and how when they were produced by the families they were well made, but when they were produced by the state using convict labor, they were more crude and not very functional, showing that the Han cared about how well the tools are working.

Later on, the pestle and the mortar were cleverly improved in such a way that the whole weight of the body could be used, thus increasing the efficiency ten times. The writer requested the establishment of water conservation offices in each district, and inspections of waterways, walls, etc along with necessary repairs Doc 1.

History of the Early Han Dynasty government sponsored historyabout ceTu Shih was appointed governor of Nanyang about 31ce. The best writing essay with apa style of information about how to teach ap world history dbq essay skills is the AP World History.

Similarly, Seneca of Doc 7 illustrate the same idea, the smart people do not work with their hands and technology is less important for him. One of its purposes was to prevent the return of tyranny.

Sometimes they found them amusing and even helped some of their favorite ones, other times they ignored their suffering or even set them to fight each other.

This statement does not adequately qualify each empire's attitude. Both point 4 POV and 5 Grouping require analysis, but there is a subtle and important difference between the two types of analyses: This question is designed to test your ability to work with and understand historical documents.

Han Chinas attitude toward manufacturing and labor was more open and positive than the Romans who had a more systematic and class-divided society, therefore causing general attitudes of labor and technology to be low.

DBQ Han and Roman technology

The water is distributed to various regions inside and outside the city, to basins, fountains and public buildings, and to multiple public uses.

Now you try… The Han and Romans both felt technology was important. The Romans believed in many gods and that you had to give offerings for approval.

He invented a water-powered blowing-engine for the casting of iron agricultural implements that allowed people to enjoy great benefit for little labor. While they both had slaves the way they treated their slaves differed, the Han had them do menial chores while the Roman's slaves worked to the bone to satisfy their masters.

On the other hand, the Romans marveled at their civilizations technological advancements, yet scorned those who made a living working with tools and crafts. Dionysos was the god of the vine, winemaking, wine itself, ritual madness and ecstasy. Address all parts of the question 2. Which of the following stretches from southern Mongolia toward the Huang River in China.

Superb examples of content analysis could include multiple groupings, comparisons of specific characteristics of documents, or synthesizing information in the documents. POV applies to a single document; while Grouping applies to a specific characteristic shared by multiple documents.

The Hans respected technology and those who created it and they paid attention to the needs of the commoners. In document 3, it talks about the technology and how its improved. The abundance of water is sufficient not only for public and private uses and applications but truly even for pleasure.

Han and Rome DBQ

The DBQ Essay. DBQ Question. Using the documents, analyze Han and Roman attitudes toward technology. Identify one additional type of document and explain briefly how it would help your analysis. The Roman and the Han were by far the most technologically advanced civilizations of their time.

The time period for both of the societies depicted whether or not the people were inclined to their advancements or not.

DBQ Using the documents, analyze Han and Roman attitudes toward technology. DBQ Analyze the social and economic effects of the global flow.

Dbq Essay on Han and Roman Technological Advancements

Han and Roman Technology DBQ There were a lot of different attitudes towards technology between the Han and Roman Empire, even different opinions within the empires themselves. During the Han Empire, some believed that technology was a very important part of an empire and requires government intervention, while others thought it was just a gift from enlightened leadership.

DBQ: Analyze the impact of governments on civilizations from c. BCE to BCE.

Han and Roman Attitudes Toward Technology Essay Sample

APWH / Prompt Practice ( BCE – CE) DBQ: Using the documents, analyze Han and Roman attitudes toward technology. Identify one additional type of document and explain briefly how it. DBQ: HAN DYNASTY. Give one example of how Chinese technology improved their quality of life?

Han Dynasty— B.C. to A D Roman Empire—27 B mobile-concrete-batching-plant.com A D • Empire replaced rival kingdoms • Centralized, bureaucratic government • Built roads and defensive walls Han Technology, Commerce, and Culture (pages –) What.

Han roman technology dbq
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